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Immigration New Zealand

Why are so many migrants looking to immigrate to New Zealand?

New Zealand is rapidly attaining the status of the most recognizable geographic landscapes in the world. Crystal clear lakes, cascading rivers, sandy beaches, volcanic mountain ranges and snow peaked Alps are all part of the diverse visual treat that draws migrants to New Zealand.

People seeking a New Zealand visa are often attracted to the relaxed 'Kiwi' way of life, making New Zealand one of the most popular destinations for both holiday makers and people looking to migrate abroad.

Despite the present economic slowdown, New Zealand net migration increased to its strongest rate in nearly six years in May, stoking optimism the influx will start to underpin demand in the domestic economy.

"New Zealand was built on immigration and it is a very important part of our future. Immigration is seen as a critical part of the National party’s economic strategy; the country will not be able to grow the skills and capital needed to have a properly functioning economy from within the population.” This was quoted recently by the New Zealand Immigration Service Minister, Jonathan Coleman.

"The procedure and requirement for immigration to New Zealand is on a whole new level when compared to many other countries that dwell in immigration. Just as how attracting and favorable New Zealand is as a destination; it is as difficult and complex to qualify and be successful in obtaining the residence permit. None the less, our years of experience and successful record will be of great guidance to candidates who qualify and are sanguine about their decision to immigrate to New Zealand” says S K Gala, the Regional General Manager of Ferreira & Koach.

Ferreira & Koach is Bahrain’s leading and trusted Immigration Consultancy Company. Edward Koach and Peter Ferreira worked in Senior Immigration positions for 12 years before starting the Company in 1986 and have been in the business in Bahrain since 1988 making them one of the longest serving immigration consultants here.

Ferreira & Koach has a regional office in Adliya and they conduct seminars on a weekly basis to provide vital information on various subjects concerning immigration. Interested Candidates can send resumes to koach@batelco.com.bh or fax to 17 716 471