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Immigration with Ferreira & Koach

Prospective Immigrants are always enthusiastic about their chances, success rate of their applications and their dreams of immigrating to a new country for the better. Being positive is one thing and being naïve is another. It is quite unspoken today that there are a growing number of prospects who choose the wrong options who fatefully hangs up their options due to ill judgment.

The very problem is for this cause is the lack of will from prospects to understand the system. Many a times they listen to what they want to hear rather than understanding the whole scenario. In other words, the place where prospects are soaked up with over-flattering, unrealistic targets set by rogue consultants / advisors. It is no wonder that the present Immigration minister Jason Kenny is trying to clamp down on the number of illegal advisors and consultants who give false information to those who do not qualify otherwise.

"Prospects should first learn to educate themselves about the system and post-landing realities of Immigration rather than being owned by dreamy sales talks. This is not a product that you buy to settle for the time being due to its inexpensive nature. This is immigration and the decision you make is for life time, in more ways than one which you owe to yourself and to your family" says S K Gala, Regional General Manager of Ferreira & Koach.

He goes on to add "Over the years, I have met several prospects who have made mistakes in their choices due to the fact that they chose to hear what they wanted and not reality. This had cost their chance and their future opportunity for immigration. I would personally advise prospects to take it to the next level and understand how immigration works! Ferreira & Koach has always aimed at setting this right through weekly seminar sessions which are very informative."

Ferreira & Koach have a regional office in Adliya and provide services such as assessment, processing of application for college, university education, work permit and immigration applications.

Prospective immigrants can attend these seminars free of cost by prior appointment. Candidates can send enquiries and resumes to koach@batelco.com.bh or fax 17 716471. Qualified entries will receive an invitation to attend the seminar.