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Growth in Canadian Economy

The Canadian economic juggernaut roared into June, creating a staggering 93,200 jobs and pulling down the unemployment rate to 7.9 per cent. That marks the first time since January 2009 that Canada’s jobless rate has fallen below 8 per cent. Employment has been on the upswing since July 2009, Statistics Canada noted in its monthly report, released Friday.

Since then, the economy has added about 403,000 jobs, effectively wiping out the job losses from the painful recession that officially began in the fall of 2008.

The jobs picture clearly shows that the Canadian recovery hasn’t stalled yet, despite signs of slowing momentum in the U.S. and other economies. The handoff from public to private spending looks to be going smoothly. Ontario added about 60,000 new jobs, with about 30,000 coming from Quebec. That brings Ontario’s unemployment rate down by 0.6 per cent to 8.3 per cent, its lowest level since January, 2009. Quebec’s jobless rate was down 0.2 per cent to 7.8 per cent.

There were declines in employment in Atlantic Canada, while Alberta and B.C. reported small increases.

"The Canadian Recovery phase is indeed being talked a lot. At the recent G-20 summit at Canada, many of the struggling countries were urged to follow the Canadian’s footsteps with regard to their efficiency in maintaining the economy. The good news is that they have managed to come this way with Immigration in their stride” adds S K Gala, the Regional General Manager of Ferreira & Koach. “They still encourage immigration, however today’s scenario is not that grand as the era before 2008. Their precise study of skills required for the Canadian Labor market is reflected in today’s qualifying list of occupations. There are changes in the procedure, nonetheless, if one qualifies they can expect to reach Canada within a year’s time."

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