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Australia – In need of Skilled Professionals

With the recent conclusion of elections, the new Australian Government will be involved in reforming the immigration schemes through which one can qualify. Albeit the National Immigration Program was in effect from 1st of July 2010, the regional / state programs were put on hold since then till date. The New State Migration Plan (SMP) is expected to commence by the 1st week of October 2010.

Today, Canadian Immigration has become more restrictive with fewer occupations that can qualify. On the contrary Australia has become more attractive due to the number of core professional occupations that can succeed.

Recently the Australian immigration authorities changed its occupation list, priority processing and have taken a very practical approach towards the process. With the upsurge in their economy and lack of skilled professionals to fill up vacancies, it is indeed ideal to those prospects who were intending to apply for Australia.

"The Australian procedure is complicated but it does not rule out eligibility of the candidates. Let’s take account into real world examples - Today Engineers, IT Professionals, Accountants and Finance Managers are not on the list for Canadian Immigration, however they are still of prime importance for Australian migration. Feedback from our clients who have settled in Australia have re-iterated the fact that core professionals always enjoyed their rewards in Australia due to the various opportunities and the facet of the Employment market. It’s quite unfortunate that many candidates choose another destination for trouble-free procedures while their occupation is direly needed in a demand-driven society like Australia. The qualifying process in imperative and indeed difficult but that’s where our expertise helps applicants." says S K Gala, the Regional General Manager of Ferreira & Koach.

Ferreira & Koach have a regional office in Adliya and provide services such as assessment, processing of application for college, university education, work permit and immigration applications. Ferreira & Koach conducts seminars that shed light on immigration regulations, the eligibility requirements and procedures involved. Core professionals are advised to come over and understand their chances and their opportunities should they choose for Australian migration.

Prospective immigrants can attend these seminars free of cost by prior appointment. Candidates can send enquiries and resumes to koach@batelco.com.bh or fax 17 716471. Qualified entries will receive an invitation to attend the seminar.